Peruvian judge Raul Rosales Mora points gun at photojournalist

A judge in Peru who pulled a gun on a photojournalist is now saying he confused him for a thief.

Perhaps he thought Carlos Saavedra was going to steal his soul with the camera.

Either way, the photo made the cover of Caretas this month, the leading newsweekly magazine in Peru.

And the incident is now being addressed by the Committee to Protect Journalists.

The incident occurred February 13 when Saavedra was attempting to photograph Judge Raul Rosales Mora over the appointment of a controversial judge to the country’s Constitutional Tribunal.

Rosales was leaving home in his car in the Lima neighborhood of Lince when he asked Saavedra to come closer.

When the Caretas photojournalist approached, the judge pointed a gun at him and told him to be careful, according to Caretas.

Rosales later said he thought Saavedra was a thief. But nobody is buying that story.