In hosting its 10th Super Bowl, the most ever by a city, Miami has fully hopped on the New Orleans Saints bandwagon, erecting at least one billboard and dedicating several bus stops in honor of the Who Dat Nation.

It is only fitting considering the Magic City and Crescent City are practically sister cities.

Both are hurricane-prone coastal cities built by immigrants that maintain a strong cultural flavor. And both party harder than any other city in the country, with the exception of Las Vegas, but that city has no soul.

As Doug E, a New Orleans native who lived in Miami for several years, explained on Miami Beach 411:

The mood of a city, like the mood of a song or an age in history, has a way of altering these habits and perceptions, if even for a moment, affecting those who fall under its spell, producing a culture in which the residents become mere players expressing an unseen regional rhythm.

Perhaps two of the most captivating cities in the US today are New Orleans and Miami; they’re very much alike, but the particular mojos they’ll cast on you are very different.

It is not surprising that Saint fans outnumber Colts fans about 50 to 1 in Miami. And it’s not surprising the Colts and their fans decided to stay in Fort Lauderdale. That city suits them better with its more mellow atmosphere.

Last night, Ocean Drive on South Beach reminded me of Bourbon Street during Mardi Gras, with the exception nobody flashed their tits for beads.

Maybe that will happen tonight after the Saints beat the Colts 38-31.

What’s your prediction?.

Be sure to check out my photo gallery and video from last night.

And if you like New Orleans style music like the street band in the video, check out the Miami Street Band.

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