In an attempt to bring some type of unity to the South Florida Blogosphere, the South Florida Sun-Sentinel has created further division and rivalry by launching the Best of Blogs Awards contest.

As if we needed anymore conflict.

But that’s just the cynics talking.

Me, I’m trying to win this damn thing, which is why I need your help.

In the time-honored tradition of South Florida election chaos, the Sun-Sentinel is allowing us to vote at least once a day for each category.

In other words, they are encouraging us to stuff the ballot box, which I’m sure has nothing to do with the fact that it increases ad impressions for them.

Nevertheless, Photography is Not a Crime is doing well in four categories. So let’s pound away at this thing until the end of the month when the contest is closed.

Categories are: Best Overall Blog, which is the grand prize and consists of all the blogs that were nominated.

I was also nominated for the “Politics” category, the “Art/DIY” category and the “Photography” category.

You need to register to the Sun-Sentinel in order to vote, but that just takes a minute and allows you to vote multiple times for the same blog.

And once you register, you might as well vote for the following blogs in other categories, which I am endorsing.

Defies Categorization: South Florida Daily Blog

Family Life: A Mom, a Blog and the Life In-Between

Foodies: Burger Beast

Humor: Sex and the Beach

Neighborhood: Miami Beach 411

News: Miami Beach 411

Personal: Holy Crap, My Hair is on Fire

Travel and Tourism: Miami Beach 411

There are other blogs running in the same categories as me and a few who were not even nominated that I respect greatly, so the above list is not limited to my favorite blogs.