After winning my appeal, I filed what is called a motion to recover costs in order to recover the money I spent in preparing my appeal, which totaled a little more than $2,500, most of it from court and transcript fees.

In hindsight, I should have asked for the money I spent in probation and fines, but the deadline to file the motion snuck up on me and I didn’t have time to search for all the receipts.

Besides, I didn’t want to get jinx the whole thing by asking for money that I may have paid as a result of my conviction but that was not necessarily a cost that went into my appeal.

Last week, I received notice that my motion was granted, meaning I should be receiving a check for $2,528.40 any day now.

Maybe I can finally purchase the Canon 5d Mark II.

That, of course, is only a fraction of the more than $10,000 I have spent in fighting the charges. Hopefully, I can recover the rest in my planned civil suit.

Below are copies of my motion and the Appellant Court’s decision to grant the motion.

Motion Granted

Carlos Miller’s Motion To Recover Costs