As a guy who fully supports immigrant rights, including the rights of those who entered the country illegally, it really pisses me off to see the above video where pro-immigrant protesters assault, harass and intimidate a videographer who was filming them protesting the passing of the controversial law in Arizona.

The videographer apparently opposes their views because one of the protesters slaps his camera and tells him to “go with your group.”

And another protester accuses the videographer of “provoking shit”.

Of course we don’t know if the videographer said anything provoking that he did not include in the video or if he was wearing anything provoking, but it really doesn’t matter. Words are just words.

And the protesters should have known that any aggressive actions against him would be broadcast all over the internet.

Having said that, I believe the new Arizona law is completely unconstitutional because it encourages police to profile against Hispanics in order to justify “reasonable suspicion.”

That would set up a precedent that could turn into a nightmare for hundreds of American citizens, not just Hispanics. It’s bad enough that police believe they can arrest us for refusing to identify ourselves, now they have a law that allows them to arrest you based on your skin color or dress style.

Already, a man who was born in Fresno was jailed because he did not have a birth certificate with him. Who the hell carries that with them?

This law is so outrageous that even former Congressman Tom Tancredo – who once referred to Miami as a “third-world country” because of its high immigration population opposed it before he supported it.

Also opposing it is libertarian judge Andrew Napolitano, who predicted the law will bankrupt Arizona.

And Pima County Sheriff Clarence Dupnik refuses to enforce the law because he believes it to be “racist,” “disgusting” and “unnecessary.”

So it’s pretty mind-blowing to me when I see so-called libertarians supporting this law. They are not real libertarians obviously.

I see the current anti-immigration fervor no different than what the Irish, Italians, Jews and Chinese went through more than a century ago. And they all turned out alright.

I spent a total of five years in Arizona, including four in Phoenix and one in Tucson, so I have a pretty good idea of what’s going on out there.

I do know that the main reason there was such an increase in illegal immigration during the 1990s was because the United States approved the North Atlantic Free Trade Agreement, which ended up driving thousands of Mexican farmers and manufacturers out of business while turning thousands of American businessmen into millionaires.

So now the chickens have come home to roost. Literally.