The Bay Area Rapid Transit Police Chief ordered all his officers to turn in their Tasers Thursday after an officer improperly fired his Taser at a teenager from a moving vehicle.

Obviously, these officers haven’t received much training since the New Year’s Day incident last year where a BART officer shot and killed an unarmed man in an act where he claims he meant to use his Taser.

In the latest incident, the officer fired his Taser from a moving  vehicle at a teen on a bicycle who was fleeing the scene of alleged assault at the Richmond BART station in Oakland.

He missed.

There are not too many other details at the moment in the story that was broken by KTVU moments ago.

According to Wikipedia, 206 officers make up the BART police department. It’s not clear if they all had Tasers.

It was only in December where a federal court ruled to reign in the use of Tasers in a decision that affected western states, including California.

Apparently, attempting to flee an officer does fall into a three-part test to determine whether an officer is justified in using a Taser.

So no it’s no telling what this BART cop really did to prompt the chief to order every cop to turn in their Taser.

Via InjusticeNews