A freelance news videographer in Seattle lost his gig with a television station over a police abuse video they rejected after he posted the video on Youtube.

The video showed the customary abuse we expect from the Seattle Police Department; a cop kicking a detained suspect in the head after threatening to beat the “fucking Mexican piss” out of him.

It turned out, the suspect was completely innocent of armed robbery that got him detained.

Police then picked him up, brushed him off and sent him on his way.

The videographer, Jud Morris, ended up getting a video interview with the man, who had a fresh wound on his face from being face down on the ground, possibly from the kick that was caught on video.

The video also shows a female cop stomping on the suspect’s leg.

Morris, who was working for Q13 Fox news at the time, first approached them with the video, but they rejected it, telling him it was not newsworthy to see a cop kick an unarmed suspect in the head who later turns out to be innocent.

Morris, who as a freelancer owns all his work, then posted the video on Youtube.

He was fired the following day.

KIRO TV eventually purchased exclusive rights to the video, meaning they gave him a whopping $100 bill for it. They also interviewed him on camera about the situation.

However, Q13 is also claiming to have exclusive rights to the video and they have even gotten around to posting the video on its site along with the story.

I pulled the above video from Youtube because KIRO TV refused to make it embeddable and we’ll never know when Q13 will have another change of heart and remove the video.

If KIRO TV really wanted it to remain exclusive, they should have paid Morris a lot more than 1o0 dollars.

Meanwhile, the abusive cop, Detective Shandy Cobane, offered a public apology for telling the suspect he would beat the “fucking Mexican piss” out of him seconds before he kicked the shit out of him.

Cobane was described as “openly crying” in his apology.

Somebody should kick the sonofabitch in the head to really give him something to cry about.