The good news is that I managed to shoot video on South Beach last night without getting arrested.

The bad news is that I apparently ran into the cop who arrested me last year and didn’t even recognize him.

It looks like David Socarras allowed his hair and beard to grow out, which is why I didn’t recognize him.

But he recognized me.

When he realized that there was a chance that I had not recognized him, he asked “remember me?” as you will see in the video.

Perhaps I would have recognized his new look had he shown up to my trial.

But he failed to do so twice.

In the video, you will also see how police used intimidation tactics to scare me from shooting video.

It’s starts off with one cop asking me “what are you doing?” when it was obvious I was shooting video.

He then asked if I was media, which is irrelevant because everybody has the right to shoot video.

I was on the phone at the time, so I didn’t really get into that with him. Besides, it was still early.

Then an undercover cop walks up to me with his drug-sniffing dog as I was videotaping a bunch of cops making an arrest in the hopes that I would have drugs on me.

Below is the photo I took of Socarras last year as well as frames from the recent video.

You tell me, is this the same guy or what?

This is David Socarras.

Is this David Socarras?

Is this David Socarras?