A Canadian blogger who was photographing preparations for the upcoming G20 summit was detained for 30 minutes after he photographed a group of cops.

Zach Bussey, who is part of a group of bloggers covering the G20 summit, said they never told him the reason they were detaining him.

Nightmarish scenarios entered my mind: visions of being arrested for the duration of the meetings, maybe I’d have a permanent record now, or be put on a watch list, or maybe I’d even be tortured! These did not prove to be the case as a female police officer, who seemed shocked to see me there, told me kindly that I could leave. Apparently my 30-minute timeout was over.

And even after he was released, he only appeared to be mildly annoyed.

I’ve come to accept and am okay with what happened today. I understand tension is high and they’ve got to keep their eyes open for security threats. Maybe they had first-day jitters too?
I think all of us can accept that mistakes can be made. But there has to be better handling if this is going to be a common occurrence this week. Police need to communicate better with who they are questioning.

No one is going to accept a temporary suspension of our rights because world leaders are in town. So please Integrated Security Unit, do it right. This is Canada — the best country in the world. I think I deserved better.

The problem is, he allowed them to detain him for 30-minutes without demanding to know the reason why. So he did, in fact, accept a temporary suspension of his rights.

Hopefully, he won’t do it the next time they harass him, which is bound to happen if he is going to continue covering the G20 summit.

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