A pair of independent filmmakers were detained by security guards inside the Metro Toronto Convention Centre as they were shooting footage for the upcoming G20 Summit.

The security guards first ordered them to delete the footage, which they refused to do.

Then they asked to see the footage, but the videographers refused that as well.

The security guards finally called the cops and the men agreed to stick around for a few minutes, confident that they were not doing anything wrong.

Considering that the convention center is funded by Canadian tax dollars, it should be considered a public venue.

The cops never showed up and the men were released after six minutes. But not before they wrote down their personal information.

However, they never showed the guards their footage, which was a victory in itself.

The G20 Summit, which is a meeting of 20 finance ministers and central bank governors from 19 countries as well as the European Union, will be held June 26-27.

Hundreds of protesters are expected to try and disrupt the event, so Canadian officials are being extra cautious about who they allow into the country.

Via Cop Block.