Los Angeles photo activist Shawn Nee has once again demonstrates the importance of wearing a video camera around your neck when photographing police.

Last year, Nee made national headlines when he videotaped a Los Angeles Sheriff’s deputy who had detained him for taking pictures inside the city’s subway system.

The deputy accused him of taking photos of the subway system in order to sell them to Al Qaeda. The deputy never noticed the Vievu camera hanging in full view around Nee’s neck.

Nee posted the video on his site, Discarted, and CNN’s Rick Sanchez picked up to the story, only to side with the deputy.

Now Nee has posted another video of an incident involving a Los Angeles police officer who did not want to be photographed making a traffic stop on a public road in broad daylight.

The cop tells Nee that he did not have the right to photograph him because he is a “citizen of this country.”

He also informed Nee that he was in the Marine Corps for a few years “getting shot at for you.”

So in other words, he’s willing to take a bullet for Nee but not willing to allow Nee to express his First Amendment rights.

The more the cop talks, the more he appears to be suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder because he keeps repeating that he is a citizen of this country and makes references to living in the desert.

“I spent my goddamn ass two years in the desert and I have to hear from your fruitcake ass,” the cop tells him.

You have to wonder if the cop would have come across more professional had he known he was being videotaped at the time.

The irony of this story is that Nee wear a Vievu camera around his neck, which is a company that targets law enforcement officers with their products.

A while back, my pal Eddie North-Hager contacted them to see if they wanted to advertise on this site. But they took one look at my site and decided it was “too controversial” for them.