So a fight breaks out during a street festival in Chattanooga, Tennessee, prompting professional videographer Chris Winston to begin videotaping the altercation as soon as police jump in and start making arrests.

Within seconds, a female deputy rushes up to him and grabs him by his shirt.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa, you got no right,” Winston tells her as he points the camera upward.

The deputy threatens to arrest Winston if he doesn’t move back.

But he wasn’t even standing near the altercation. In fact, there were several people closer to the altercation that were not getting harassed.

It was obvious she singled him out because he had a camera.

The deputy tried to take the camera away from him, but it was strapped to his body.

“No you don’t,” he told her. “No you’ don’t. You better get up off of me.”

This is what he told a Tennessee news station.

“She was pulling the camera and my shirt at the same time and as she realized she couldn’t take it because it was strapped on, she let go because she seen the green light on the camera.”

Police told the news station that they had no problem with him filming. They just wanted him out of the way.

When we’re telling people to move back, we’re trying to disperse the crowd, not concerned with the video. When officers tell people to move back, that is a lawful order.”

But it is, in fact, an unlawful order when it is obvious they were singling him out because he had a camera.

The video is here. I had it embedded above but it was acting up and there seems to be issues with it on the news site as well.

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