An undercover New York City police officer threatened to throw a man in jail for being “disrespectful,” then proceeded to tell him he would get brutally raped over a three-day stay while waiting to see the judge.

The cop had no qualms about saying this in front of a video camera.

The incident took place last Friday in a collective art space in Brooklyn that was being raided, apparently for running “an illegal social club,” according to the Glass Bead Collective, which posted the video on its Youtube channel.

The Glass Bead Collective, a group of independent filmmakers, has been mentioned on Photography is Not a Crime for its activism videos.

Police also sprayed several rooms with pepper spray during the raid.

The citizen videotaping the cop erred in telling the cop that he had no right to videotape the citizens. It works both ways.

A civil rights attorney told Gothamist that the cop may not have broken the law but most likely broke departmental policy.

Wylie Stecklow, a civil rights attorney representing Teichberg and the Glass Bead Collective, tells us that while it’s unclear if laws are being broken, “policies are being broken. I believe the officer can be investigated for misconduct. There needs to be a CCRB investigation, because this officer was clearly being discourteous. Telling a videographer he would be abused in prison and be arrested when he’s not breaking any laws… This seems to me to be—while not necessarily illegal—certainly not within the bounds of the Courtesy, Professionalism, and Respect that the NYPD has promised his citizens. That the same office tells another female over and over that she is ugly, that is incredibly is discourteous.”