Update: The deaf man in the chokehold is named Alejandro Rea, according to a PINAC reader who lives in Los Angeles. Rea is currently being held in the Los Angeles County Jail system on a felony charge, although it doesn’t say what. I posted a screen shot of that page below that you can click to enlarge but you can plug in his name here and check for yourself.

An appalling video shows a Forever 21 employee placing a deaf man in a tight chokehold as the man’s deaf companion tries to intervene, only to be pushed back by a second Forever 21 employee.

The Forever 21 employees were apparently security guards but they do not appear to have gone through a single minute of proper training. As if that’s a surprise.

The two deaf men were inside the store when they walked out, causing the alarm to go off, according to the Youtube description.

Because the men were unable to hear the alarm, they continued walking without stopping.

This prompted the security guards to tackle the one man outside the store, which apparently took place in Hollywood.

It turns out, the men did not shoplift anything.

Chokeholds were once very popular police tactics to restrain suspects, but because so many suspects died of strangulation, several departments have outlawed them, including the Los Angeles Police Department.