A CBS4 cameraman was apparently arrested during a scuffle with a Miami police officer at City Hall last Thursday yet not a word of the arrest appears on the CBS4 website.

The Miami New Times broke the story last week on its blog with limited information.

A brawl between a CBS4 cameraman and police officers broke out today during a Miami City Commission meeting. Sources at the scene say that the cameraman — a large man in a red shirt — was hauled away in a cop car after getting into an argument with a police officer, possibly for filming in a restricted area.

Witnesses say the Commission had just voted to reject changes to the Civil Service Board when the cameraman and cop began arguing. Suddenly the cop tackled the man through a doorway, sending him sprawling outside of the chamber. When someone yelled for the police, 10-15 other officers ran over to help subdue the cameraman.

Sources identified the man as a CBS4 cameraman.

Immediately after the fight, a camera and tripod were left standing in a hallway near where the fight took place.

“Restricted area”? And the camera and tripod were left standing in a hallway?

Tell me another one.

The only other site to report on this arrest is the blog SFLTV, which reported Monday that “a tipster” informed them that a CBS4 cameraman was arrested at city hall on Friday.

Obviously neither the tipstser or SFLTV read the New Times because they were off by a day.

SFLTV’s source does seem to have the inside scoop – except for the cameraman’s name – because they report the following:

He was charged on two counts, one for obstruction and one for a battery on an officer. The first charge is a misdemeanor and the second is a felony. He was released on a $5,000 bond and a prehearing date is set for 8/27.

From the single comment on SFLTV at this time, we learn that the cameraman’s first name may be Tony.

On CBS4, the only news that came out of city hall on Thursday were boring items such as how commissioners plan to save Miami from bankruptcy by either giving up a month’s salary or doing the usual and handing over the reigns of the city to developers.

If CBS4 did in fact run a story, I was unable to find it on their site through multiple searches.