Adam Mueller of Cop Block and Liberty on Tour was arrested today inside a Wisconsin gym on a bench warrant in an incident caught on video.

One of the two arresting officers turned to Pete Eyre, who was videotaping the arrest, and threatened to confiscate his camera as “evidence” – which is illegal without a subpoena.

“If you start taking pictures, I’ll take your camera as evidence,” the plainclothes cop tells Eyre as soon as he notices he is being videotaped.

Eyre asserts his right to videotape him in a public place. The cop continues to threaten him, but eventually walks away when realizing that Eyre is fully aware of his rights, proving that he was lying when he made those statements.

Eyre continues videotaping as the two cops place handcuffs on Mueller, who falls to his knees. The cops end up dragging him outside, telling him he will now be charged with “resisting.”

However, as Eyre pointed out in his post on Cop Block, Wisconsin law requires that a suspect either use force or the threat or force in order to be guilty of resisting. Mueller did neither.

Mueller was arrested on a bench warrant stemming from an incident last January where he was cited for driving on a suspended license. He shot video of that incident which can be viewed here and here.

The officer, Kyle Henning, did not mind being videotaped, to his credit. But he apparently likes to pull people over for no reason, according to Mueller, which I guess is life in the small city.

Mueller has since been released from jail. He provides some details in the video below.

Mueller and Eyre were recently in Miami on the last leg of their Liberty on Tour trip. Mueller and I had an incident with Miami-Dade Metrorail security guards over public videography.