A man who was videotaping in bustlng Times Square was questioned by a New York City police officer.

Aaron Chegini was shooting video of a pink Mini Cooper limosuine when the cop asked him was he was photographing.

“What are you taking pictures of, the yellow cab?” the cop asked.

Chegini told him he was shooting the pink limosuine, then asked why he was asking.

“I was just curious,” the cop said.

“You don’t look like a terrorist, don’t worry about it.”

So we can imagine that Chegini is white, but what if he had darker skin?

What if he had an Arabic accent?

What if he were dressed as a Muslim?

Then we can imagine the interrogation of what he was videotaping would be a little more invasive.

I can understand if a cop is curious what you are shooting because many cops happen to be photographers themselves. I even have a few cop friends who are photographers, believe it or not.

And I’ve been out shooting where cops have struck up conversations with me about photography and I always engage them.

But this cop’s comment about Chegini not looking like a terrorist indicates that this was more than just a mere interest in photography.

The video was first posted on the NYC Photo Blog.