Today marked the four-year anniversary of Photography is Not a Crime, a blog that I did not expect to last longer than a few months, if even that.

My original intention was to document the trial of my first arrest, the one where I was charged with nine misdemeanors because I refused to stop taking photos of a group of Miami police officers in February 2007.


Those cops will forever be ingrained in my header as a reminder that not only was I allowed to take their photo, but I was allowed to post it all over the internet as well.

I’m hoping they will think twice the next time they are tempted to harass a photographer for taking their picture, but you never know.


After all, David Socarass, the Miami Beach police officer who arrested me in 2009 for taking his photo – the same cop who failed to show up to trial twice prompting my case to be dropped – didn’t hesitate to harass me a year later when I came across him again.

But that time I captured it on video. And since then, there have been a multitude of other arrests that I’ve documented on this blog as well as a few more run-ins with myself and authority figures, including the time I was assaulted by a Metrorail security guard for walking into the station with a video camera for which I am now suing.

So if there is any lesson I learned from this blog is to never leave home without a video camera, preferably two, in case they take one away from you.

But in all honesty, I sometimes get bored of the blog. Especially when it comes to the day-to-day routine stories.

However, nothing replaces the adrenaline rush I get when I post a story that I know will go viral, such as the one last week of the Las Vegas police officer attacking a man for videotaping him.

So I really don’t see myself neglecting PINAC, even though sometimes I’m tempted to do so.

In fact, I am putting together a proposal for a possible book deal. After all, I have plenty of material.

But I’m curious. What would you guys like to see in a Photography is Not a Crime book?