Boynton Beach police are once again using wiretapping charges to crack down against citizens who record them in public.

Two years ago, the South Florida police department arrested Tasha Ford whose charges were quickly dropped.

Last night, they arrested Joshua Mandel who was recording police on his iPhone, chanting “First Amendment” over and over again, according to a news report.

Investigators said this caused a substantial crowd to surround the officer, and the entire shift of on-duty officers responded to the scene on West Gateway Boulevard

The entire shift of on-duty officers? Was it that slow of a night?

Mandel was charged with disorderly intoxication, resisting arrest and illegal interception of comunication.

Ford has a pending lawsuit against the police department for her unlawful arrest.

Hopefully, Mandel will do the same because even if he was drunk, police had no grounds to arrest him on the wiretapping charges.