Phil Mocek, who was arrested in 2009 after videotaping a TSA security checkpoint, was arrested again this week, this time for taking photos in front of a federal building.

Mocek was with a group of activists protesting the governor’s veto of portions of a medical marijuana law when he was confronted about taking photos Monday.

The guards ended up pushing him to the ground and handcuffing him, according to the Seattle Weekly.

During the struggle, Mocek handed a digital recorder to his friend, Greg West, who was then arrested in the middle of the street.

Both men were charged turned over to Homeland Security where they were charged with obstruction of justice.

Any confusion about whether it is legal to take pictures in front of a federal building should have been cleared up in last year’s settlement in which the Department of Homeland Security acknowledged that it was legal.

UPDATE: Here is a link to Mocek’s blog where he goes into great detail about the incident and below is a news video that shows much more than the top video shows.