So Joey Boots read about the ongoing saga between a storefront in New York City and people who have tried to photograph it and decided to pay it a visit Monday afternoon.

The saga started two weeks ago when a woman tried to photograph mannequins in the front window, only for her get physically confronted by a female from the store.

The store owner came flying at me like a puma, grabbed my arm insisting I erase the photo screaming in my face “I know my rights, I know my rights!” (which clearly, she does not). I proceeded to walk away and she followed me, putting her body against me and screaming in my face. I should have called the cops but I really just wanted this violent person out of my face and off my body so I erased the picture, we screamed at each other a bit more and it ended. 

The following day, a male photographer attempted to photograph the mannequins and he was also assaulted by a woman from the store.

[My friend] went there last night, took pictures of the weird mannequins in her storefront, and she flew out of the store and grabbed the strap of his bag, pushed him up against a fence, pressed her body onto him and insisted he delete the photos while trying to physically detain him. [He] got a cop, the cop tried to explain to her that she was wrong, to which she just kept repeating “I know my rights, I know my rights,” even after the cops confirmed that she clearly does not know her rights. All of her friends got involved, screaming at [him] on the street. After she was informed that he did not need to delete anything, the cop took [him] down the block and said we all know she’s defensive because she’s selling illegal crap, but there have been incidences of violence on that block over much less of a disturbance, so take caution in how you proceed.

And this past weekend, longtime Photography is Not a Crime reader HLW decided to stop by and take photos. He was not assaulted, but a woman flipped him off.

But then again, he’s a huge biker, so maybe they thought twice about engaging him in violence.

So Joey Boots didn’t know what to expect today when he decided to drop by with his video camera.

He’s been slapped around before, so it’s not like that was going to faze him.

It turns out, everybody he videotaped outside the store was very courteous.

It should be noted that Boots is also a pretty hefty guy. And he was also carrying a video camera as opposed to a still camera, something I’ve learned can make people think twice about assaulting you (though not all the time).

And if you view the video, you’ll see he was only dealing with men from the shop.

So maybe that crazy woman was out to lunch or something.