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Despite many lawyers saying that police must first obtain a subpoena before confiscating a camera, police throughout the country continue to do so.

And they are justifying it by claiming it is evidence.

The latest example comes from Washington D.C. where police confiscated a phone from a woman who had recorded some type of altercation between police and another man.

They returned it five days later.

A police spokeswoman told NBC Washington that they had every right to confiscate the phone as evidence.

And the reporter seemed to believe her as so many mainstream reporters do.

But the reporter then spoke to an ACLU attorney who said they needed a subpoena to confiscate a camera.

The only exception is when the camera is used in the commission of a crime such as upskirting or child pornography.

But it doesn’t appear anything will be done about the illegal seizure in this case or in the other cases, so police will continue to do so until somebody finally takes a stand.