It’s been more than a month since a Missouri Highway Patrol officer threatened to sue Michael Mikkelsen if he dared to upload a video he had taken of the officer in public.

Mikkelsen is still waiting for that lawsuit.

Mikkelsen is an activist in Kansas City, Mo. who warns motorists of DUI checkpoints by holding up a large cardboard sign.

He also live-streams the checkpoints from his iPhone. He has more than 300 followers on Twitter, many who use him to avoid the checkpoints.

Last month, he had an altercation with an ignorant Missouri Highway Patrol officer who accused him of “suspicious activity” for videotaping and told him he needed “expressed consent” from everybody he was videotaping.

The officer also threatened to sue him if the video appeared online, according to a Kansas City Checkpoint activist site.

That part is not in the above video, but it didn’t need to be because the cop already said enough to prove he was an ignorant, bullying blowhard.

But Mikkelsen has also had positive experiences with officers.