A man who was accused of photographing a shirtless boy in a public park was threatened by the mother’s boyfriend, then investigated by deputies.

The mother spotted the man in his car taking pictures towards them, so her boyfriend stormed up and threatened to pull him out of his car.

The man drove off but was then pulled over by deputies, who looked at his camera and found no images of the boy.

The man told deputies that he was photographing the lake instead, according to the Niagara Gazette (second story from the top).

The boy’s mother told police she was “creeped out” by the photographer even though he apparently didn’t even step out of his car.

Deputies let him go with a warning. For what, I am not really sure because the article doesn’t say.

This is always a sensitive topic, but we really need to get a grip here.

Earlier this month, we had the incident at Boston Common where a pair of photographers were told they were not allowed to photograph children playing in water.

And earlier this year, New Jersey attempted to pass a law that would forbid the photographing of children without parental consent.

Here he have a case of a man threatening another man for something that we’re not even sure he did, but even if he did, it wouldn’t be illegal.

But it doesn’t appear that deputies warned the mom’s boyfriend for threatening to pull him out of his car.

I took the above picture in Cuba a few years ago as I was strolling the streets of Havana.

The kids spotted me with my camera and walked up to me, then started posing. I had no choice but to take their picture. I didn’t even think twice about it.

In fact, I took several photos and I ended up giving the kids chewing gum. And all this went on under the eyes of their parents – who laughed at the whole episode – and police (because nothing happens in Cuba without police looking on).

I also kneeled down to show the kids the pictures I took. And they were climbing all over me the way kids do when trying view to a tiny picture on a camera.

And all this all happened in communist Cuba. I hate to think what would have happened if this had taken place in the United States.