Canton Police Officer Daniel Harless scored a hat trick Thursday when a third dash cam video emerged showing him threatening to kill a citizen during a traffic stop.

The threats begin at 4:40 in the above video where he eventually tells a citizen, “If you scratch you balls wrong, I’m going to pull my gun and I am going to shoot you.”

He has also been cleared in 18 internal affairs investigations since 2001, according to a NewsChannel5 investigation.

But Canton Police Chief Dean McKimm told the news station that “there was no evidence Harless was a problem.”

However, the three videos were enough evidence for internal affairs to determine he violated three department rules.

The rules Harless is accused of breaking include deportment, cooperation with the public and treatment of persons in custody.

But the real problem was not necessarily that he threatened to kill citizens who were of no threat to him.

The real problem was that these videos went viral, prompting people throughout the country – including many who saw the videos on PINAC – to call the Canton Police Department to voice their displeasure.

Here are some statements from the internal affairs report obtained by Canton Rep.

“Officer Harless’ conduct … has brought disrepute upon himself and the Canton Police Department,” concludes a report by the internal affairs division, which the Law Department released to The Repository on Wednesday following a public records request.

“The volatile attitude that Officer Harless displays (during the traffic top) … has gained negative national media attention towards these officers and the Canton Police Department,” the report adds.

“The Canton Police Department’s operation and efficiency has been impaired due to negative phone calls and emails that have been fielded by its members (regarding the case),” the report says.

Harless will face a hearing on September 7 that will determine his fate.