Another citizen is claiming that Fullerton police confiscated her camera in the wake of the Kelly Thomas beating death.

This makes at least three cameras seized from citizens whose content has yet to see the light of day.

And that’s not counting the city-owned surveillance camera that prosecutors refuse to release on the basis that it could taint witness testimony – never mind the fact that they’re already interviewed all the witnesses.

However, Kelly Thomas’ dad, the retired Orange County Sheriff’s deputy, has filed a claim that he intends to file a lawsuit, which would give him legal access to the video considering it is “evidence.”

And he’s been one of the main proponents of seeing that video released.

Meanwhile, Friends of Fullerton continue to provide the newest info on this case, including the two videos included with this story.

The top video is an interview with a witness to the incident that claimed a police officer intimidated into handing over the film from her camera.

The second video is an interview with another witness who said that police had sat Thomas on a curb for about 20 minutes and when they moved in to arrest him, he jumped up and tried to run away.

The officers quickly pounced on him and began beating him.