A photographer was following a group of Occupy Providence protesters into Brown University Saturday when a police officer told him he was not allowed on campus with his camera because he could be with the media.

The officer inferred that he would have let him stay if his camera was smaller, which in his mind, would indicate a non-threatening photojournalist.

Meanwhile, a plainclothes cop was photographing the protesters with what appears to be a point and shoot camera.

Obviously, the cops have small-size issues.

This is how photographer Provbenson explains it on Flickr.

I followed the Occupy march from Burnside park to Brown today. When I arrived I noticed plain clothed campus security taking photographs of the marchers as they entered the gates, I did the same. When I looked up from my lens, a uniformed campus guard asked me to leave. I asked why and he said no media were allowed. I explained I was not affiliated with any sort of media and he just wouldn’t accept it. He said that my camera was not a private citizen camera and I must be working for media.