An Occupy Wall Street protester was arrested Friday after he threatened to stab a news reporter in the neck with a pen.

The protester also tore the microphone out of the reporter’s hand, dismantling it in the process.

The reporter, John Huddy from WYNW, an affiliate of Fox News, did a great job of maintaining his composure while not backing down.

He even stressed in his report that the incident was isolated and not a representation of the entire Occupy Wall Street movement, which he has been covering for weeks now.

Huddy describes the incident beginning at 1:55 in the above video. You will also see footage of the moments after the confrontation where Huddy is making a stand despite having just been assaulted and threatened.

The man who attacked him, Dustin Taylor, 34, of Ohio, can also be seen in the above video and it’s obvious he’s not all there.

Taylor, who can be seen being led away by police, was charged with grand larceny, menacing and criminal possession of a weapon.

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