The escalation between NYPD officers and Occupy Wall Street protesters is perfectly captured in the above Associated Press photo.

I came across it in a UK Daily Mail article, which has done a better job of summarizing the madness than most American newspapers.

All I know about the photo is what it written in the cutline.

Fight: A man affiliated with the Occupy Wall Street protests tackles a police officer during a march towards Wall Street on Friday after the demonstrators were told they can stay at Zuccotti Park

As many of the protesters have reported, the white-shirted NYPD supervisors have been a lot more physical with protesters than the blue-shirted rank and file officers. Videos and photos continue to back this up.

I really don’t know what to make of that except to note that blue-shirted cops outnumer white-shirted cops tenfold.

The protesters would like to think the blue-shirted cops are in agreement with the movement, so they don’t have so much pent up anger. I would like to think that way also.

But only time will tell.

This movement doesn’t look like it’s going to die anytime soon. Especially after this morning’s victory against Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Brookfield Office Properties, Inc. where they backed off from their plans to evict protesters from Zuccotti Park.

More than 3,000 supporters came out to the park before 6 a.m. this morning to protest against the planned eviction. I was watching it on live stream while watching the live stream from Denver, where protesters did get shut down.

Tommorow, at least 951 cities in at least 82 countries will participate in a global demonstraton, including the Occupy Miami movement, whom I wrote about in Miami Beach 411 after one of its protesters prevented a news videographer from recording.

There has never been a truer statement than the protester chant: “the world is watching.”