A criminal charge was dismissed against a Milwaukee photojournalist who was arrested in September trying to cover a house fire.

Now only time will tell if charges will be dismissed against a second Milwaukee photojournalist arrested while covering a protest in early November.

Earlier today, prosecutors dismissed a charge of resisting and obstructing an officer against Fox6 videographer Clint Fillinger.

Fillinger was trying to cover a house fire when he was ordered away by a Milwaukee police sergeant.

The sergeant kept walking towards him as Fillinger kept walking backwards. The two finally made contact and Fillinger fell backwards.

It’s surprising that he wasn’t arrested for assault on the police officer, considering we’ve seen this happen so many times in the past.

Several media organizations urged Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn to eradicate the charge immediately after the arrest, but he stubbornly refused.

Now charges are still pending against Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel photojournalist Kristyna Wentz-Graff, who was arrested while covering an Occupy Milwaukee protest.

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