New York City police officers have apparently become so fed-up with Occupy Wall Street protesters that they are not only arresting activists, photographers and journalists as they have been doing.

They are now attacking fellow cops.

The latest melee took place Saturday, the three-month anniversary of the movement, as hundreds of activists attempted to scale or crawl under a fence to an Episcopal churched-owned lot where they had intended to create an encampment.

NYPD officers arrested about 50 people who had entered the property, attacking several reporters and at least one plainclothes cop in the process.

Ryan Devereaux of Democracy Now – who winded up with a cop’s fist on his throat – reported seeing a senior police officer throw a younger plainclothes cop to the ground, apparently not recognizing him.

The younger officer said he was hurt, according to Devereaux’s tweet.

I saw a senior officer throw a younger plainclothes cop to the ground, not recognizing him. The younger cop said he was hurt.

Devereaux also tweeted the following about himself:

I was just manhandled by massive police officer. I was standing on the sidewalk. He was pushing his fist into my throat.

I repeatedly said I was trying to get back and he wouldn’t let me go. Eventually he pulled me away to arrest me. I kept telling I was press.

My neck is red, my press pass was ripped. I was doing nothing but standing on the sidewalk doing my job.

Devereaux also tweeted that a Democracy Now cameraman was viciously punched by the cop in the photo below.

My colleague, a credentialed cameraman, was punched in the kidney three times.


Independent journalist Zach Roberts was also arrested, managing to shoot video inside the paddy wagon (posted below) as well as take a photo from inside the holding cell, which he tweeted.

He spent eight hours in jail and will eventually provide an update on his site.

More incidents reported by the Village Voice:

Photographer CS Muncy (on assignment for the Village Voice) had an encounter with a cop that began fairly typically: the officer asked him to move and get out of the lot. According to Muncy, the cop told him that if he didn’t move, he would take away his official NYPD-issued press card. The cop then said “I’ve been told to take cards today,” Muncy says.

Freelance photographer Andrew Kelly had a similar run-in later in the evening during the protesters’ march to Times Square. Kelly told the Voice that a police officer grabbed his press pass in his hands and said “Please let me tak