A man was arrested after photographing the Executive Office Building next to the White House in Washington D.C. Sunday.

David Hill ended up being charged with trespassing after he crossed into a restricted area through an opening in the fence.

He spent 24 hours in jail, which is a little overkill considering all they had to do was cite him.

Especially considering the charge against him was dismissed the following morning.

He planned to give the photo to his 85-year-old father, who had spent 40 years working the Dwight Eisenhower Executive Office Building, which houses White House staff and is connected to the White House by a tunnel.

It is not open to the public, according to the Visiting D.C.

According to WJLA:

“I wanted to get a better shot and there was a temporary bicycle fence that had an opening,” Hill said.

He moved the fence and walked past to take some pictures. That’s when two secret servicemen approached him.

“They wanted to see the pictures on my camera and I showed them,” he said. “They wanted to know what made me so special to be in this restricted area. I apologized and said I did not know it was a restricted area.”

Hill’s wife, Colleen, walked up later to find her husband in handcuffs and being searched by police.

Washington D.C. currently has a law in its books that allows police to arrest photographers who remain in a single area for more than five minutes. The National Press Photographers Association is trying to get them to change that law.

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