An Ohio police officer is getting a wake-up call after a citizen photographed him sleeping in his patrol car Monday.

While the incident is minor compared to the multitude of police abuse incidents we’ve come across this blog, it does show the power of citizen photography.

And it reveals just why some officers are sensitive to being photographed.

Earlier this year, a Canadian man was ticketed and fined after videotaping sleeping cops. And last year, a citizen photographed a sleeping cop in Detroit.

On the bright side, at least the Canton police officer wasn’t passed out drunk in the middle of an intersection as one Miami-Dade police officer was a few weeks ago.

Or threatening to kill a citizen as we’ve seen Canton police officer Daniel Harless do several times.

But the officer’s slumber made him unavailable to respond to a nearby traffic accident.

And the officer who ended up responding to the accident was more concerned with stopping the citizen from taking photos of the sleeping officer.

According to The Canton Repository:

Sean Quinn snapped the picture and sent it to The Repository, saying that the officer photographed was only a few hundred yards from a car crash. He said he flashed his own vehicle’s high-beam lights at the cruiser for several minutes in an attempt to get the officer’s attention before another officer responding to the scene stopped him from taking more pictures.

Police chief Dean McKimm, who refused to release the name of the officer, said he is now under investigation and will be disciplined depending on the outcome.

McKimm should also investigate the officer who ordered Quinn not to take anymore photos.

But as we know, that is just business as usual.

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