For the second time this month, a member of Newt Gingrich’s campaign assaulted a member of the public for video recording them.

The first time took place in New Hampshire just over two weeks ago and resulted in a pair of activists educating police on the right to video record cops inside the lobby of a police station.

The second time took place Wednesday in South Florida as Gingrich was making a speech while a woman in the crowd continually heckled him.

The incident takes place at the very end of the above video in front of two cops.

According to the Shark Tank blog, assault charges might be filed against Karin Hoffman, Gingrich’s Broward County Co-Chair:

Karin Hoffman, Gingrich’s Broward County Co-Chair (previously been featured here on the Shark Tank) attempted to try to diffuse the situation. Unfortunately, Hoffman only compounded the situation when she grasped at the woman and put her hand on her, prompting the woman to object. Another campaign advance man stepped in to explain to her that her safety could be in danger, and she took offense and tried to turn it around on the campaign.

Inexplicably, Hoffman turned around and struck the photographer and the video camera, right in front of two police officers.(End of video) Assault charges could be forthcoming, and it’s fair to ask if she is suited to be representing Newt Gingrich in Broward County.