A woman said three Houston police officers beat her up after she tried to video record them arresting her husband Friday night.

Annika Lewis also said the officers took the memory card out of her phone.

Lewis and her husband are black. The three officers are white.

The incident took place a day after black community activists held a town hall meeting urging residents to video record police brutality in their neighborhoods.

According to KHOU:

There was growing outrage Sunday among Houston’s black community over another case of alleged police brutality – this time involving a woman under five feet tall.

Annika Lewis, 26, claims several police officers punched her in the face when she tried to record video on her cell phone. She said several officers were beating her husband after a traffic stop.

“I know my rights,” she said Sunday at a news conference outside her southeast Houston home. “I know that I’m able to record. That’s why when they told me to put that damn camera away, I told them ‘I’m standing on my property and I have my camera in my hand and I’m recording you beating my husband.’”

Lewis’ husband, Sebastian Prevot, was taken into custody early Friday morning and charged with resisting arrest. Houston police declined to comment on his case and said the incident report would not be available until Monday.