Sarah Duncan of the United Kingdom was just another faceless driver who believed she owned the road.

You know the type. You see them everyday as you drive. You may even be even that person on occasion.

But what sets Duncan apart was that she stepped out of her car to accost the man who had video recorded her attempting to enter a closed street, trying up traffic for more than a minute in Bath, England.

Duncan demanded he hand over his phone. She attempted to snatch the phone from his hand.

Then she threatened to call the police, claiming it was illegal to video record her in public.

Her clueless husband also joined in the act.

Duncan apparently not only believes she owns the road, she believes she owns the entire public space surrounding it.

But one thing is certain; she doesn’t own the internet.

The man uploaded the video to Youtube Sunday night, calling it “Road Rage in Bath,” and it quickly went viral.

Now the knitwear shop owner is receiving death threats.

She doesn’t deserve the threats, especially from nameless, faceless bullies on the internet.

But she does deserve to be exposed. Because her attitude towards the videographer wasn’t much different than those internet bullies.


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