The Calle Ocho festival in Miami is so crowded, crazy and chaotic that sometimes you just want to collapse.

And what better place to do it than on the hood of a police car?

The above photo was snapped by Adrian Salgado during the street party Sunday afternoon. The Miami resident then tweeted it Sunday night as well the photo below of the Miami police officer sucking on a popsicle.

It was hot today and that cop had every right to have her popsicle. And yes, I know she bears a striking similarity to Miami-Dade Police Major Nancy Perez, but it’s not her.

But the cop in the above photo should have a little more sense than to allow a female to sprawl on the hood of his squad car.

“He saw her and didn’t say a thing to her. That was the worst part,” Salgado said in a tweet.

Here are a couple of stories I wrote on the festival back in 2009.

Check out the rest of Salgado’s photos here.