A federal judge ruled Thursday that photos of Osama bin Laden’s body must remain censored to the public eye in the name of national security.

According to CNN:

Judicial Watch, a conservative legal group, had asked the Department of Defense to comply with a Freedom of Information request for the material, especially photos of the September 11 mastermind lying dead on the third floor of his Pakistan hideout.

The group argued it was being “irreparably harmed” by the Obama administration’s “unlawful withholding of requested records.”

But Judge James Boasberg ruled Thursday there were legitimate national security interests to deny disclosure.

“A picture may be worth a thousand words. And perhaps moving pictures bear an even higher value,” said the Washington-based judge. “Yet, in this case, verbal descriptions of the death and burial of Osama bin Laden will have to suffice, for this court will not order the release of anything more.”

In other words, Boasberg believes the photos of bin Laden’s body would incite more violence against the United States than the 10-year war we’ve been waging in their country that has so far led to the deaths of thousands of Afghan civilians.

I believe in complete government transparency, so I believe the photos should be made public.

What do you think?