Photojournalist J.C. Playford has long been a thorn in the side of San Diego law enforcement officers over his right to take pictures in public.

But he’s always been the first photographer to offer condolences to cops when fellow officers die in the line of duty.

So it’s hard to picture him in a bomb scheme. Espeically a urine bomb.

But cops tell the most elaborate stories.

According to the North County Times:

Freelance photojournalist James Charles Playford, 48, of Ramona, didn’t immediately comply with San Diego County sheriff’s Detective Brendan Cook’s orders after the deputy detained Playford, mistakenly believing the cameraman was using a cell phone in an attempt to detonate a “bomb” outside U.S. Rep. Darrell Issa’s office on Dec. 11.

The “bomb” turned out to be a bottle of urine next to a coffee mug. Playford testified he was just trying to call a news agency he was working with.

Playford fidgeted and “shrugged” as if he were attempting to break free from Cook’s hold, prompting the detective to call for more deputies, Cook said during testimony on Wednesday and Thursday..

The prosecutor argued that Cook was in fear for his life over the urine bomb, which is why he had the right to detain Playford.

But Playford’s attorney argued that his client wasn’t breaking the law by using his cell phone or recording with his camera.

The jury sided with the cop and convicted Playford for obstruction.

The judge had no choice but to go with that, but expressed that he did not agree with the verdict.

Jurors reached the guilty verdict after about an hour of deliberation. Afterward, Vista Superior Court Judge Richard Mills said he didn’t see how the evidence supported the police-obstruction conviction.

Mills sentenced Playford to time served, issued no fines and did not place him on probation. Playford will have to pay about $300 in attorney’s fees, Mills ruled.

Playford plans to appeal the decision, which should be a slam dunk considering the judge even sided with him.

The urine bomb, by the way, was a bottle of urine that had been left there by somebody else and had nothing to do with Playford.


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