The film company that posted signs forbidding photography of its film set in New York City is pleading ignorance after receiving an onslaught of emails from Photography is Not a Crime readers.

Lori Korchek of Blade 33 expressed the following in three emails to Photography is Not a Crime this morning:

Dear Carlos,

Please excuse our ignorance.

We posted what we thought was a standard form.

We will not use it again.

Restricting the rights of citizens anywhere at any time is deplorable.

We truly regret the offense.



Dear Carlos–

We are receiving more and more mail, the latest cc’d to the aclu.  We are very, very sorry for the mistake. We never noticed the offending line which, again, we regret.

We never attempted to stop anyone else from filming or photographing, in fact we encouraged it by inviting the press and gladly letting people sit behind the desk and snap personal pics.

Is there any way you can amend your post to explain that we are guilty of nothing other than ignorance for which we truly offer our sincerest apologies?

We’re a small company of two people trying to do a simple, non-partisan get out the vote campaign.

We TRULY meant no harm.




Hi Carlos,

Thank you so much. I just sent another e-mail. Hadn’t seen your response yet.

I hope those signs are not still posted. We finished our shoot last Monday. Mike will go to the park immediately and remove if they’re still looming.

Again, we are sorry and fully support you in your fight to defend the rights of all artists.

All the best,


I believe it’s obvious Korchek is being sincere and I appreciate her prompt response to the matter.

I also appreciate the prompt assertiveness of PINAC readers of correcting Blade 33 in this matter.

PINAC readers prompted a similar reversal of policy when parents were told they were not allowed to photograph their kids at a public pool but pool officials could photograph the kids for promotional brochures.

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