The viral video showing a pair of University of Kentucky-Lexington cops barging into a student’s dorm room without a warrant, searching for alcohol that they could not find, has sparked an internal review within the police department.

The cops had also threatened the student with expulsion before shoving the student aside, telling him there is “no Fourth Amendment.”

It turns out, there is a Fourth Amendment. And it applies to college dorms rooms. Especially in incidents caught on camera.

According to Campus Reform:

UKL’s spokesman Jay Blanton told Campus Reform on Tuesday afternoon that “the UK Police Department is reviewing this matter” but refused to address further questions.

The university’s official residence policy, available online, does allow administers and police to enter student’s dorm rooms for a variety of reasons but seems to bar warrantless searches.

“[A]uthorization to enter a student’s room under this policy does not constitute authorization to conduct a search of the room,” it says.

UKL’s police department did not provide a spokesperson to Campus Reform for comment, despite multiple requests and would not reveal whether or not the two officers are still on active duty.