Police from the Santa Ana Unified School District tried their best to bully a Cop Watch videographer from recording a traffic stop without actually touching him until finally they couldn’t contain themselves any longer and grabbed him, placing him on the ground and emptying his pockets before releasing him.

Unfortunately, the actual detainment, which took place last month, was not caught on camera, but the videographer describes it towards the end of the video.

But judging the way police were acting towards him throughout the video, there is little doubt he is telling the truth.

The videographer explains in the video that he started to record the traffic stop because he had received complaints that Santa Ana School police were harassing students.

When he walked up to the stop on the sidewalk with his camera recording, the officer, identified by his name tag as Aquino, became uncomfortable and ordered him to move away, even though he was already standing at a respectable distance.

Aquino called for back-up and several more cop cars pulled up, which intensified the intimidation.

One cop demands his identification, which he refuses to provide on the basis that he wasn’t being detained.

That cop, whose name I did not catch, then lies by saying, “when a police officers asks you for your identification, you must provide it to him.”

But the videographer does an excellent job of standing his ground, which prompts another cop named Nguyen to start standing in his space.

“Are you trying to intimidate me,” the videographer asks.

“No, I’m not, I’m standing my space,” Nguyen responds, even though he walked about 15 feet to get to that space.

Had the citizen did that to a cop, the cop would have either tased, pepper sprayed, punched or just shot and killed him and get away with it by claiming he was in “fear for his life.”

More cops arrive, including one who demands to know, “what are you doing with a camera in front of the school,” implying that he was some type of pedophile.

The videographer does a good job of standing firm throughout all this harassment but he apparently turned off his camera, which was when they grabbed him.

The whole video is a pretty disgusting example of polished police intimidation tactics, showing they probably have trained themselves to handle these situations.

It was just a year ago that the Santa Ana Unified School District received a $500,000 grant from the U.S Department of Justice to combat gang activity in the schools.

But the video makes it obvious that they are the real gang in that district.