A California Highway Patrol officer is the latest cop to claim he was in fear for his life when a citizen was video recording him with a cell phone, further confirming that this is a new training tactic to prevent people from recording them.

The motorcycle officer, whose last name is Sherman, pulled over a motorcyclist for a license plate infraction.

The man began video recording with his cell phone after he had stepped off the bike.

The officer ordered him to put the phone down and the man asserted his right to record.

“I’m telling you to put your phone down because it’s a safety issue for me, ok,” Sherman said.

“I’ve seen cell phones that are possibly could be guns. That’s why I’m telling you to put your phone down.”

“I’ve never heard of such a thing, sir,” the man responded. “But I respect that.”

The man, however, continued recording.

“Well, I have,” the cop said. “It’s my job to know this stuff, all right.

“We have regular safety briefings on this kind of stuff.”

Last month, a San Diego police officer said the same thing before he arrested a man for refusing to put his phone down as he was getting cited for smoking a cigarette on a beach boardwalk.

And since then, a Newark, California cop ordered a man to place his hands behind his back because he refused to let her hold the phone to confirm it wasn’t a gun.

So apparently it’s a west coast trend but there have been other instances in South Florida and in Arkansas as well.

In the above video, the exchange takes place in the first minute of the video and the rest of the video is uneventful until the 9:00 minute mark when they begin debating again.