A man who was video recording a national guard training exercise from a city-owned parking lot in North Carolina was arrested over the weekend.

Not much information is available at this time but two videos were posted to Youtube today showing a group of citizens video recording the landing and taking off of a helicopter in a parking lot of a vacated shopping mall that is now owned by the city of Charlotte.

The training exercise was announced in the Charlotte Observer on Friday.

Members of the N.C. National Guard will be conducting training exercises at Eastland Mall this week, including landing helicopters in parking lots and moving ground convoys onto the mall’s property.

The training takes place from Friday until Monday. It starts at 1 p.m. each day at the mall site at 5431 Central Avenue and ends at 6 p.m.

Charlotte Area Transit System buses that make stops at the Eastland Community Transit Center won’t be affected by the training exercise. CATS buses will operate on a regular schedule.

The mall property is vacant. The city bought Eastland for $13.2 million last year, and council members recently voted last week to spend $781,520 to demolish the mall because developers looking at improving the property said they didn’t want the building.

The group of citizens who were in the parking lot video recording were speculating that the intent of the exercise was to to train the military to impose martial law on Americans.

Whether that is true or not, they certainly weren’t dissuaded from that opinion when one of their friends was arrested because he apparently got too close while recording the helicopter in the air.

The man appeared to have been confronted by two national guardsmen before a police officer walks up and arrests him.

Charlotte Arrest3

But the video shows he was nowhere near anything that could have been perceived as interfering or obstructing, so I can’t wait to hear what charges he is facing.

The top video shows the arrest. The bottom video shows the moments before the arrest when the man was standing more than 100 feet from the landing helicopter in an area that was not restricted by any time of police tape.