North Carolina police assaulted a man for video recording them from a public sidewalk after he refused to turn the camera off, which is obviously something they believe they can get away with considering a local judge has given them a green light to do just that, if not worse.

The incident took place in Salisbury on March 21, 2013 and was uploaded a day later, but has remained under the radar on Youtube where it has only received 265 views as of this writing.

In the video, two men are walking through downtown at night, which had been blocked off to traffic and maybe pedestrians to film an upcoming TV show based on the old Sleepy Hollow story.

Each of the men are recording with their cell phones. Two cops are sitting in their cars. One of them says something over the loudspeaker, sounding as if he was ordering them to leave the area.

The men ask to speak to the cops,which prompts them to step out of their cars. At 30 seconds, you can see two other men in the background walking through the streets, so the streets were not completely vacant.

One of men starts asking why the roads are blocked off, but the cops starts ordering him to turn the phones off.

Then the cop starts accusing them of loitering because they had stood on the corner across the street for 15 minutes before making their way to the other corner.

And then he starts demanding identification, which prompts the men to ask if they are suspected of committing a crime.

Meanwhile, the second officer walks to his car, grabs a pair of handcuffs and walks back and slaps the phone out of the man’s hand, forcing it to turn off.