A Pittsburgh police officer was already making an arrest when he turned to a man video recording him and decided to arrest him as well.

Nicholas Gerhold said he was attending the Kenny Chesney county music concert Saturday night when a fight broke out in the parking lot.

Police started ordering people to disperse but people apparently didn’t leave quick enough, which is when cops started making arrests.

Gerhold said he and his friend handcuffed and detained in the paddy wagon for 30 minutes before they were freed and informed they would receive citations in the mail.

Here are comments he left on his Facebook wall describing the incident:

There was a fight that broke out down the concert but it wasn’t even us it was some other people so a hour later the cops showed up and told us to disburse But we couldn’t because our car was great there and there was still too many people Partying So my friend Jake put his hands up saying we can leave that’s when they arrested him And that’s when I started video taping them arrest my friend and that’s when the cop seen me videotape my friend Jake getting arrested so he arrested me also

I got arrested for videotaping my friend getting arrested they They put us in the paddy wagon for half an hour let us go after I believe we are getting a citation in the mail