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It’s already been established that the Boston Police Department will resort to intimidation tactics and felonious arrests to prevent citizens from recording them in public, not to mention using these same intimidation tactics to retaliate against anybody calling them out on this behavior as we’ve seen with its recent boondoggling campaign against PINAC and its readers.

So it’s a little ironic how receptive they are to using photography on their Facebook page in trying to get citizens to rat each other out over last month’s post World Series riotous celebrations.

And frankly, it’s a little surprising how engaging they are on the Facebook page, doing a decent job of providing updates and announcements to the community, considering their austere attitude towards those of us trying to hold them accountable for their intimidation tactics.

But then there’s Boston resident Leena Saadeh, who filed  a harassment against somebody two months ago, only for police to not do a thing.

She probably wouldn’t be too pleased to learn that her local police department would rather spend its time and resources going after a pair of journalists in Miami on frivolous felony charges rather than protect her from whomever is harassing her.


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