Walmart has every right to ban people from recording inside their stores but people have every right to record the madness that ensues every Black Friday, especially considering how the store has banned reporters from covering the annual stampede in the wake of a worker getting trampled to death a few years ago.

In this video recorded earlier tonight, Thanksgiving, after Walmart opened its doors at 6 p.m., we can see a mob of people fighting over discounted flatscreen television sets as one woman can be heard repeatedly yelling, “oh my God.”

Meanwhile, a pair of cops stand to the right of the melee with their arms folded, watching the scene unfold without a care in the world.

It is not clear in which Walmart this incident took place because they all look the same and the people all act the same, judging by previous videos from Black Friday posted on this blog.

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UPDATE: Here is another video of another incident in another Walmart that took place tonight, this one from Johnson City, Tennessee.

UPDATE II: And here’s another one from I’m not sure where, possibly the same location as the first video, that ends up with cops arresting somebody and a walmart worker telling people not to record as everybody records.