Ferguson Friday Night (1 of 1)


The “Weekend of Resistance” kicked off in Ferguson Friday night with more than 300 protesters marching through the streets towards the Ferguson Police Department to express their outrage that officer Darren Wilson has not been criminally charged for shooting and killing an 18-year-old man as he was trying to surrender.

They were especially outraged that Ferguson cops left his body on the street for four hours.

And this outrage is only going to intensify today with a protest that is expected to draw thousands of people from around the country.

Although things became tense Friday night with protesters and police squaring off against each other, no arrests were made, indicating that the Ferguson top brass has been instructing its officers to keep cool heads this weekend.

We’ll see what happens today.

However, tensions remained tense in Shaw, a city in St. Louis County 18 miles away from Ferguson, where police shot and killed a teenage man who they say had a gun and fired at them several times.

Friends and family of Vonderrit Myers say he was only holding a sandwich. Thursday night, police clashed with protesters, including pepper spraying photographers. Friday night, protesters were expected but none materialized by midnight, even though Shaw’s police department were on the streets with military gear, waiting for protesters to pounce.

Here is the video.


Below are photos taken in sequence of the evening, including the glass makeshift coffin that was meant to symbolize the numerous victims claimed by police abuse in the last several years.



Ferguson Friday Night (1 of 1)-4

About 300 protesters marched to the Ferguson Police Department


Ferguson Friday Night (1 of 1)-5

A few cars were also in the march.


Ferguson Friday Night (1 of 1)-6

Some carried a glass coffin meant to represent the hundreds of people killed by police every year.


Ferguson Friday Night (1 of 1)-7

When they got to the police department, they demanded cops take a look at themselves in the reflection.

Ferguson Friday Night (1 of 1)-8

This woman prayed for peace between cops and citizens.

Ferguson Friday Night (1 of 1)-3

The standoff between protesters and police remained tense but cops kept their cool

Ferguson Friday Night (1 of 1)-2

A white protesters stands in front of a black cop with his hands raised showing that this is not a black vs white issue but a blue vs the rest of us issue.