Ferguson leader of the Blue Spin Machine gets caught in the wash lying after slandering his community’s memorial to Mike Brown

Cop haters at the Washington Post are going to make the poor Ferguson PIO get canned. Ok, I’m joking about calling WaPo ‘cop haters’ – but finally here’s a MSM outlet finally bucking the Blue Spin Machine and calling the cops out for dissembling, lying and disrespecting the public. Of course they’ve become a little more engaged on the issues of Citizens vs. Government since Radley Balko joined their staff.

Mike Brown Memorial in Ferguson

This memorial in Ferguson, Missouri has commemorated Mike Brown’s killing since August 2014. After it was vandalized, Ferguson PIO Timothy Zoll referred to it as a pile of trash, landing a suspension

Our goals at PINAC News are to raise the level of national discussion by focusing news coverage on facts, videos and analysis, less on pronouncements by PDs and Unions aimed at skewing facts.

These PIOs conduct mass communications that are often misleading, and Ferguson’s release of a convenience store video – cop spin – has become the most haunting part of Mike Brown’s killing for those seeking justice.

The Ferguson PIO who called Mike Brown’s memorial “trash” also participated in leaking video that mislead the public into believing Mike Brown was a legitimate Armed Robbery suspect when in fact he wasn’t. The cigarillos he was accused of stealing by Cop PR were never found at the scene either…

Ferguson PIO Timothy Zoll showed a callous disregard for “his” community’s memorial space for Mike Brown. Then he tried to lie to his superiors and a national news outlet. This time he couldn’t spin away the truth.

Furthermore, any PIO at any Police agency should know better than to further denigrate a victim of his Department’s excessive use of force.

Of course, this is just going to land Officer Zoll the ultimate punishment. Not firing. Paid administrative leave.